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Orcas Give Tampa Couple Surprise Anniversary Present

TAMPA (CBSMiami) – Laura Howard and her husband Rich decided to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary off the coast of Baja California last year. They were going to dive with the seals in the sea of Cortez when the trip to an unexpected turn.

A pod of orcas, or killer whales, decided they wanted to tag along behind the boat leaving Laura and others screaming in disbelief.

"The whales are surfacing to take a breath and every time it comes up through their blow hole they were literally spraying me in the face, I could have touched them," Laura said. "It was truly amazing to start seeing these huge mamals, their dorsal fins were actually taller than the T top on our tiny boat."

The orcas took turns jumping just inches from the back of the boat. It's a behavior that the massive mammals rarely show.

"Spinning, jumping, looking up at us, it was truly amazing," Laura said.

The whales followed the boat for about an hour and when the realization of what they had just witnessed sunk in; Laura said she asked her husband how he planned to top this experience for their 21st anniversary.

"He looked and me and started laughing and said 'don't you think that the true love that we have between each other is enough?' and we joked about that," Laura said.

Couple's Amazing Close Encounter with Surfing Killer Whales in Boat Wake by FishAtude on YouTube
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