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'I Could Not Stop The Corruption': Opa-Locka Mayor Matthew Pigatt Resigns During Commission Meeting

OPA-LOCKA (CBSMiami) – During an Opa-locka City Commission meeting Wednesday, Mayor Matthew Pigatt announced his resignation.

"I will not be a figurehead for corruption," he said, following a public comment period.

His resignation was not on Wednesday's agenda, surely catching those in attendance off guard.

Pigatt standing up from his seat said he thought he could help fix a system that was broken from within but found that he was wrong.

"I am not resigning because the job is too big. I am resigning because I am in the wrong position to effect real change in my city – and in cities just like this throughout America," Pigatt said.

Pigatt said he began experiencing outside pressure in 2014 when he spoke out about the firing of the City Manager.

"That led me to getting code enforcement violations on my house, being threatened by the police multiple times, and being accosted by so-called shadow mayors and community advocates, right here in this room, at that podium by those on the dais and in the room," he said.

City of Opa-locka | Regular Commission Meeting | November 10, 2021 by City of Opa-locka, FL on YouTube

Pigatt cited corruption several times in speech, which he posted a transcript of on his website.

"The forces of corruption are too strong for one person to reform. The reformers within the government are outnumbered by those who want to compromise, maintain the status quo and promote themselves over the people," he said, adding, "however, the people outnumber the government. The people can hold this government accountable."

Pigatt was elected Mayor in 2018, at the time he promised to reform city hall.

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