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Exclusive: Hillary Talks Politics, Marc Anthony & Women

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- It was  a top secret event that surprised a full house at the American Airlines Arena Friday night.

The crowd was there to see Latin superstar Marc Anthony perform and then he brought out his choice for the next president of the United States - Hillary Rodham Clinton.

CBS4's Lisa Petrillo, on special assignment for Entertainment Tonight, chatted with Clinton moments before she went on stage.

"How does it feel to be here in Miami and getting introduced by Marc Anthony to the Latin crowd, an open door to his crowd," asked Petrillo

"I am thrilled," said Clinton. "I am a big Marc Anthony fan. I have known him for 15 years...It's an important opportunity to get my message out through someone who has so much credibility who has done so much over his lifetime. I'm appreciative of that."

Petrillo asked her if she can salsa.

"He told me he would give me lessons in the White House," joked Clinton.

The former secretary of state and first lady was having her fair share of the limelight this weekend.  She was on Saturday Night Live playing a bartender while comedian Kate McKinnon played her.

For years, it was actress Amy Poehler who impersonated her. Petrillo asked her who she preferred.

"I like them both. I'm not being diplomatic. They come at it from slightly different perspectives and I learn something about myself by watching them pretend to be me," said Clinton.

"Your husband was the first to go out into the entertainment world on Arsenio Hall. How important is it for you to relate to that other audience as well," Petrillo asked.

"You want to reach as many people as possible," responded Clinton. "Some you can reach on very serious news shows. A lot of people you reach in a lot of other ways. Here we are with Marc Anthony. that's a huge audience that really adores and appreciates him and Saturday Night Live a different kind of audience."

Politics aside, Clinton also offered some inspiring words for little girls and women alike.

"I want little girls to feel like they have every opportunity as little boys have. And I want both of them in a country to live up to their God-given potential through their own hard work and through the opportunities we make available. So I  think having a woman president would really help," said Clinton.

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