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Crash Victim: Partner Of 40 Years Died In My Arms

SOUTHWEST RANCHES (CBS4) — An early morning three car accident Saturday left one person dead and rerouted traffic on I-75 for several hours.

"In 20 seconds, I lost my partner for 40 years," Miguel Larrieu, a survivor of the crash told CBS4's Maggie Newland.

At around 12:40 a.m., a red Ferrari, according to Florida Highway Patrol, was travelling north on I-75 in the center lane just northwest of 138 Street.

The blue Hyundai, which Larrieu and Jorge Arrojas were riding, was traveling north in front of the Ferrari when FHP said the Ferrari struck their car from behind.

That Ferrari is said to have ended up across several lanes and eventually came to a stop in the grass median.

However, because of the impact, Arrojas' and Larrieu's Hyundai hit he rear of another vehicle, a white Saturn, and their car rolled before stopping in the grass median.

Jorge Arrojas, the Hyundai's driver, died on the scene according to FHP.

"The driver of the Ferrari fled the scene the car stayed because of the damage but the driver was able to flee," said Joe Sanchez with Florida Highway Patrol.

Larrieu said he and Arrojas were headed home from a dinner with friends.

"And all of the sudden we hear a boom but the loudest boom I thought a bomb or I thought all my four tires had exploded and about three or four seconds later I see the car is losing control, losing control," Larrieu explained.

Larrieu said the man he loved died with his head on his chest.

"I kept saying please breathe for me please breathe for me oh God please breathe for me."

Larrieu was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, but was able to return home with only bumps and bruises and without the man he loved for so long.

"He joked all the time, he loved making jokes cracking jokes he was friendly to everyone what can I say everything that I lacked."

His memories are all he has left of his partner.

"I miss him you never know I open a drawer and I start crying I look at things that we bought together," said Larrieu.

The Saturn also ended up in the median, but the driver survived.

FHP is still searching for the driver of the Ferrari.


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