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On The Radar: Season Series – Part 4

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It's hard to believe that we have been playing for a month here in the 2016 season, but having been around high school football here in South Florida for so many decades, that's the way it always has been.

You wait so long for these players to perform and marquee games to be played – and before you know it, we are already halfway through the season.

Because we have the opportunity to see more prospects than any other source during a season, play live, we can continue to bring you football talent playing at the highest level possible. College coaches realize how challenging a football season is down here, and that's why our athletes are looked at and ultimately, more coveted than most.

As we acknowledge other areas of the country churning out great teams and having outstanding coaches, it's tough to produce the numbers of marquee football players like we have down here. No matter what game you attend, there are big time athletes taking their game to the next level.

Part of the recruiting process is being able to look past the obvious that many look for and uncover what these young men can be three to four years down the road. That is when many prospects start to mature and start to put all phases of their game together.

When we attend games, they are not always marquee events that every news media outlet flocks to. What we are after is covering the entire market, giving every player exposure – and between what J.T. Wilcox and Joe Cordes and the staff sees and records – we indeed have everything covered.

By now, with our weekly radio show, this website and the many social media outlets we have, thousands of high school football fans have the opportunity to enjoy and get up-to-date information from the athletes themselves.

As you know, our objective is to promote and get the athletes and teams the exposure they deserve. Today, we have six more prospects for you to check out:

2017 – Frendy Darelus, DE, 6-5, 210, Fort Lauderdale Dillard: On a team loaded with defensive line prospects, here is yet another who continues to show that he belongs in the conversation as well. Darelus is a tall, rangy and very athletic football player who has the chance – over the next few years – to really turn into something special. He has a great frame and can put on at least 40 pounds by the time he gets into the rotation at the next level. Darelus will have several key challenges to help bring his game to the next level. A lot of people are excited about his future.

2018 – Lamont Finnie, Athlete, 5-10, 170, Miami Edison: Yet another game-changer from a family that has been doing it a long time. This is a very impressive athlete who had a huge spring summer and is already leaving a mark as a junior. The best thing about this young man is his ability to make plays and be a force on both sides of the ball – as well as special teams. His coaches believe that this is the year that things continue to progress – as college coaches have already taken notice.

2017 – Renaldo Flowers, DT, 5-11, 225, Miami Jackson: Following in the footsteps of his brother Carl Thompson, who also was a standout for the Generals, this is truly one of those impressive playmakers who matches up against anyone. He is strong, quick and very agile and his knack for being where the ball is. Flowers already has college coaches watching his every move. He was one of the major catalysts in an early season upset of rival Booker T. Washington – causing a number of turnovers. He will only get better in years to come.

2018 – Xavier Lopez, DB, 5-11, 165, Hialeah American: Yet another football player who has made the most of his opportunities this season – after several players left from last year. This is a prospect who covers and makes plays with the ball in the air – as well as being able to be a huge asset on running plays. With yet another year left, you can fully expect him to start turning heads late in the season as well as getting plenty of recognition in the offseason. Lopez is truly one of those football players that the coaches are very excited about.

2017 – Antoine Murray, WR, 5-11, 170, Miramar: On a team that many are looking for in the future, this senior has already given the Patriots a major boost this season – as they are looking for a state playoff spot. Had the pleasure of watching him throughout the spring and summer, as well as perform during the 7-on-7 season. Murray is one of those quick, skilled and athletic pass-catchers who runs solid patterns and knows exactly what to do with the ball. He's one of the athletic players on a team loaded with quality talent, coaches have already spoke very positive about his future – as well as what he can do to help this program get back on track.

2017 – Fabrice Virgile, DB, 5-11, 166, Hollywood McArthur: If you are looking for reasons why the Mustangs have had success the past two years, it's having elite football talent like this roaming the secondary. Virgile is a very talented defensive back who does it all in the secondary. Virgile covers, hits and makes plays. In addition, he is also very valuable on the special - which he has already displayed. Watching him earlier this season, you just get the feeling that when he puts it all together, he is going to be a difference maker.

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