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On The Radar: Offseason Series – Part 14

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You know the football prospects are getting restless if they are starting to count down the days until spring and looking at the fall schedules for the coming season.

If you ever had doubts about South Florida high school football players not loving this sport so much, it consumes them, hang out at a 7-on-7 or combine. The talk is about the season and who is going back to the state title games.

Part of this offseason is going to be about the same subject as always - transfers.

Yes sir, football fans, it is indeed transfer season. Every athlete in this hotbed for talent wants that 10 minutes of fame. They want to be that athlete who steps up into the spotlight.

We saw it last week - when three very prized football players decided to change addresses. I have never been a fan of transferring, but there is a purpose - and while I will never endorse it, understanding why it's done is not hard to figure.

D'Andre Ragin left Monsignor Pace for St. Thomas Aquinas. It makes all the sense in the world for this impressive three-year starter who has already carved out his personal niche' while helping the Spartans stay relevant. It's time for him to reap those team goals as well.

Stoneman Douglas running back Riley Allison also headed to play for the Raiders. Having watched him since he began, this is someone who became a power back in just one year - after gaining over 30 pounds of muscle in just a year. Allison is a hard runner who can wear down defenses.

The third key player to make a move is Akeem Hayes, who came to South Broward last year from Hallandale and truly made a huge impression by showcasing speed, talent and athleticism as a receiver. He left at a time when new head coach Keith Franklin comes in with a history of producing big-time talent such as Bryant McFadden, Erasmus James, Travis Daniels, Broderick Nelson and many, many more. Hayes heads to join Calvin Davis and the Blanche Ely Tigers.

No matter where prospects head this year or into the future, we will bring them to you - breaking down the talent at every level.

This week we add six more gifted football players to keep an eye on as we are now just five weeks away from spring football.

2020 – Vladimir Estima, LB/DE, 5-9, 200, Plantation: One of the fast rising prospects who has plenty of athletic ability and is going to start receiving plenty of attention in the offseason. What Estima gives the Colonels is a strong defensive player who has the chance – with three more seasons – to be very special. Keep your on eye his progress this spring and into the summer.

2018 – Zakary Etienne, DL, 6-1, 235, Miami Coral Reef: In a county that has more talent than any other in place the country, here is a quality football player who truly has the opportunity to make a lasting impression in his senior year. Like most, this offseason will be vital to Etienne's success with college coaches. This is indeed someone who can play the game. He just needs to get more exposure.

2018 – Robbie Evans, RB/S, 5-9, 192, Fort Lauderdale Calvary Christian: If you followed this program last season, you already know what head coach Kirk Hoza has been talking about when pushing his program into the spotlight. Evans is a real football player. He's a tough athlete who continued to get better and better during the season, and by then end of the year, he was one of the most valuable – being able to do just about anything needed. The son of a former NFL player, Evans really needs that exposure. Someone to see what he brings to the football field – and beyond.

2019 – Courtney Reese, RB, 5-9, 165, Miami Southridge: Ask anyone who watched the defending Class 8A state champs this past season and they will talk about all the great prospects who led the Spartans to the title. But those athletes who lifted the team up, are rarely mentioned. Reese is one of those unheralded guys. He is a very talented runner who gave the program what they needed. Reese will be one of those backs that may not receive the pre-season headlines, but he will be in the spotlight all season long.

2019 – Waymon Smith, RB, 5-9, 180, Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson: Smith is indeed another in a long line of football talent that doesn't get the respect he deserves, but that will change this year as the Cobras will feature several running backs that are more than capable of creating positives. He has been working very hard and using these months to help work on his game.

2019 – Sno White, DB, 5-6, 155, Miami Sunset: Having one of the best names you will find, White is a legitimate football prospect that will attempt to keep the Knights in the spotlight. He is another of those athletes who fly beneath the radar screen, White has some real skills and he will use this spring and summer to further push himself into the spotlight. He is quick, tough and very skilled.

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