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MB Officers No Longer Allowed To Work Off-Duty At Night Clubs

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) -- Off-duty Miami Beach Police officers will not be allowed to work security at night clubs in the city starting August 1st.

Police Chief Daniel Oates made the announcement Tuesday, saying the department is suspending indefinitely, the policy which allowed officers to work off-duty security at night clubs.

Fourteen clubs in the city were authorized to hire off-duty officers under  a long-standing policy.

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Under the chief's direction, each of the clubs was contacted to let them know of the change in policy so they could arrange for alternative private security.

Chief Oates released a statement Tuesday regarding the policy change, saying "Recent events, as well as a city-funded audit of the Police Department, suggest that there is a need for a comprehensive review of our off-duty work policies. I am convinced that we need more safeguards and tighter rules before we can consider allowing this kind of work to resume.  My senior command staff is in agreement, and they will help me take a hard look at this entire issue.  As part of the review, we will also seek input from the club owners about their security concerns. " 

In reaction to the policy change, Miami Beach's Fraternal Order of Police spokesman Alex Bello sent a statement to CBS4 News saying: "This is an overreaction and publicity stunt by our chief. He clearly does not understand the importance of having off duty officers at these locations. The residents and tourist should be afraid because this action is further going to reduce the number of officers patrolling the neighborhoods."

The change comes after a Miami Beach Police officer is facing allegations of drinking while in uniform.

According to Miami Beach Police, they received an anonymous call early Monday morning  in which the person stated there was an intoxicated police sergeant working an off-duty job at Mango's Cafe in the 900 block of Ocean Drive. The midnight shift commander went to the club to check it out.

Police identified the officer in question as Sgt. Mike Muley. He is suspended with pay pending an outcome to the investigation.

"Drinking on duty, being intoxicated on duty will not be tolerated by this organization," said Oates. "I expect the highest standard and behavior by all of the members of the organization and I'm confident that the citizens of Miami Beach will get that."

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