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"Odysseo" Gallops Into Downtown Miami

MIAMI (CBS4) - Odysseo, Cavalia's new show, is a magical tribute to nature, the landscapes, and of courses horses.

More than 70 equines  play, run, dance and jump through this breath taking show along with fifty human artists.

"Odysseo brings the horse and the man side by side traveling throughout the most amazing landscapes and discover the world ," said Artistic Director Normand Latourellez.

The marriage between horse rider and state of the art special effects, brings the audience into places they have never seen before.

"You really feel like you're in the five dimension stage where you can see the deepness of the landscape and you feel you go into it," said Latourellez.

Benjamin Aillaud, the show's equestrian director, told CBS4's Lisa Petrillo that a 71 horse barn is installed for the Osysseo's Miami visit.

"All the guys you see here, the riders, the acrobats, spend all their life around the horses and they need to be spending all their life around horses to keep the relation going on to be able to do all the tricks and to be able to do all the work," said Benjamin. "We knew its going to be different. Our job you know is to just follow the horses so we have plans. We have all this built, but after we have a lot of space for the horses to find a way to make it in their own way and we have to follow them," said Aillaud.

Cavalia's Odysseo kicks off Wednesday, February 29 and runs through March 12.

"Nature is beautiful. Nature gave us everything. We just have to appreciate nature. People come out of here and they like a dream and the show is like a little bit of fairy tale but at the same time you get that sense of getting a better spirit," said Latourellez.

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