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Obama Leads Romney In Polls, Or Does He?

MIAMI (CBS4) - Based on the latest polling, President Barack Obama has opened up a growing lead on the Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Or has he?

For example, a new poll done by Quinnipiac University for CBS News and the New York Times shows President Obama winning reelection in landslide.

"You've got to wonder what they've been drinking, the people who did this poll, because it basically shows that Republicans are not turning out to vote," Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart said about the numbers Wednesday.

He was shocked over numbers depicting Romney losing by nine points in Florida. It's nowhere near a Washington Post poll out Tuesday saying it's neck and neck.

In the Washington Post poll, Obama led Romney by a 51-47 percent margin among likely voters. Among all registered Florida voters, Obama is ahead by nine percentage points.

What gives? Who was polled. The breakdown of the sampling in Florida was 27% Republican, 36% Democrat and 33% independent. Republicans said the sampling is slanted for Democrats.

"This poll is assuming that Republicans turn out less than they did in 2008 and that the Democrats turnout in the same numbers." Diaz-Balart said. He continued, "Obviously under those assumptions a dog with a D in front of his name would win. This is a fake poll."

University of Miami political science professor Joseph Uscinski agreed the sampling is skewed.

"Once we find these more even like they are in the actual populous what we are going to find is that there is a dead heat between Romney and Obama," Uscinski said.

He advises everyone to, "take these with a grain of salt." Uscinski pointed out polls have been wrong before.

"If you go back to the Republican primary if the polls were accurate the Newt Gingrich would be the nominee right now. Or Rick Sanatorium. Or Hermann Cain. Or Michelle Bachmann," Uscinski said.

Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed said they would be voting in Florida's through absentee ballots or early voting.

Whether the numbers are skewed or not it goes to show you the election is really not 41 days away. It starts next Tuesday when ballots hit mailboxes across South Florida.


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