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NFL Official: Miko Grimes 'Scares The Hell Out of Me'


Miko Grimes, a host on Miami Sports Radio 560-WQAM and wife of Pro Bowl Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes, was the focal point of a juicy feature on Bleacher Report this morning.

As per the course with her polarizing Twitter feed, where she's been prone to call out the NFL with ferocity, the story will most definitely get some tread as Training Camps are on the cusp of opening.

Apparently she does invoke fear in NFL offices, as one NFL official admitted to Mike Freeman, saying "Miko scares the hell out of me."

Mrs. Grimes also thinks there's some sexism in play for why she isn't taken seriously by some fans and media.

"I absolutely believe that my t**s get in the way," she said. "It's a man's sport, and this woman can't possibly figure it out."

As for her fearless attitude towards the league that cuts her husband's checks, she continues to highlight the NFL's hypocrisy in regards to player safety.

"I saw on Twitter where the NFL said concussions were down. [The NFL says last season concussions were down 25 percent.] But what players tell me is they just aren't reporting them. Players are still lying about concussions so they can play.

The bottom line is the league doesn't care about the health of players. They only want to act like they care. They don't care if a player dies on the field."

Coincidentally, Miko is filling in on afternoon drive today from 2-6 p.m. on Miami Sports Radio 560-WQAM.

You can listen live here.

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