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New Year, New You: Belly Dance To A Better Body

MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) - In the final installment of our series, "New Year New You", people looking to find a new way to get in shape in 2011 could learn some ancient dance moves at the same time.

Whether you work your core, your upper body, your gluts, or your legs, belly dancing at Crunch Fitness on Miami Beach combines an ancient practice with modern day precision.

"It doesn't matter how far your hips go out to the side as long as you are feeling it and having a good time," said Instructor Kamila Cardenas.

The secret to the workout is isolations

"Isolations use only one part of the body, so only shoulders move for example or only your rib cage moves," said Cardenas.

The workouts are a lot of fun and a total workout.

"It is sexy and beautiful," said one of the women taking the class.

"I thought maybe it would be too hard, but it is actually so easy it is amazing," said another class member.

"We are working these core muscles that are going to protect you and prolong your life in a positive way," said Cardenas.

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