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New To Cruising? Top 10 Must-Haves To Pack For Your First Cruise!

(Courtesy: MSC Cruises)

For those of you who are new to cruising, the thought of traveling away from home could be a little daunting so here are the top 10 Must-Haves for your first cruise.

Must-Have #1: An open mind

It's important to know that you must embark upon this journey with an open mind. It will be nothing like any other vacation you've ever taken before where you could visit multiple Caribbean destinations  during one vacation, meet people from all over the world especially if you're on an MSC cruise ship and witness some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the sea… all on your first cruise.

Must-Have #2: A bathing suit

This is not just a 'what to pack' tip but a 'where to pack' it tip. Most cruisers have their bathing suit in their checked luggage. However, if you want to start your vacation the minute you step on board ( which is how a true cruiser does it),  packing your bathing suit in your carry-on bag is a perfect idea. Your checked luggage will arrive to your stateroom shortly but why wait when you can jump in and start the fun early.

Must-Have #3: Copy of your travel documents

Keep a copy of all your travel documents including your driver's license, visa, legal family documents, passport, etc. It's unlikely there'll be any issues but keeping a copy of your travel documents in your checked luggage and carry-on bag, makes it easier to retrieve if lost.

Must-Have #4: Memory cards & batteries

In the age of amateur photographers, photo bombers and practicing selfie pros, a camera is a must to pack for a cruise vacation. Most digital cameras only require the battery and the battery adaptor, so be sure to pack all the devices that come with your camera. There are some cameras that also use alkaline batteries and memory cards, so pack extra sets of batteries and get yourself a few memory cards because there is no doubt that you will be on a photographic journey during your entire cruise.

Must-Have #5: Bring workout clothes

With so much to do on board and so many dining options available, you may be wondering how on earth could you possibly be able to stick to your usual exercise routine. Well, don't fret! Remember to pack your workout gear, sneakers and all your workout essentials. From a full state-of-the-art fitness center filled with elliptical machines, treadmills and cycling bikes to the only ship at sea that offers AquaCycling classes, MSC Divina is the perfect ship to keep you  well-equipped to keep you on  your fitness track while you enjoy your  first cruise.

Must-Have #6: Comfy shoes for shore excursions

From traversing the Mayan ruins of Cozumel to even touring the castle grounds of the Cayman Islands, wherever your first cruise takes you, you'll probably need some good comfortable shoes to get you through your voyage. Flip flops are okay but also keep in mind that you may be close to water or it may rain, so waterproof shoes are great to pack as well.

Must-Have #7: Your favorite & most essential toiletries

Ships provide some really awesome essentials including hand creams and shampoo. MSC Divina has some of the best! However, if you have your own personal favorite, I would suggest bringing all your preferred bathroom necessities with you. And if you forget, no worries. There are great shops on board that carry a myriad of perfumes, toiletries and more.

Must-Have #8: Wrinkle-release or wrinkle-free clothing

Irons are usually not allowed on most cruise ships. The best thing to do is bring wrinkle-free clothing if possible or bring along some wrinkle release spray. One little trick most veteran cruisers do is hang a few clothes in the bathroom and make sure the shower is on hot to give the clothes a good steaming.

Must-Have #9: A multi-plug device

From your digital camera to your iPad and the other handy electronic devices that need to be charged, you should consider packing a mini surge protector. This way, you can spend more  time enjoying your cruise and less time waiting to charge your devices.

Must-Have #10- MSC Onboard Connection – We have a FREE app for that!

The days of pens and note pads to keep in touch on board are long gone. Staying connected on board just got so much easier. Now with the MSC Onboard Connection app, you can send instant messaging from your hand-held electronic device, chat with traveling companions and new friends, make shore excursion reservations and even book a table in our specialty restaurants.

To book your first cruise with MSC Cruises, contact your travel agent, visit the MSC Cruises website or call 1-(844) 220-9878.

Above content provided by MSC Cruises.

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