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New Quinnipiac Polling Sheds A Lot Of Light On What Floridians Think About COVID Pandemic

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami) – New polling from Quinnipiac University sheds a lot of light on what Floridians think about the pandemic.

Of those surveyed, 60% support requiring students, teachers, and staff to wear masks in schools, while 36% do not. There is a sharp political divide on this question.

And some potentially bad news for Gov. Ron DeSantis as 69% say his threats to withhold funds from school districts that defy him and implement mask rules is a bad idea. That's opposed to the 25% that believe it's a good idea. A majority of Republicans and Democrats agree on that.

Also, more people think the governor is hurting, rather than helping, the efforts to slow the spread. That stands at 46% versus 41%.

And the pollster says the biggest source of frustration among those they spoke with: this further spread of COVID was preventable. Over 60% of adults in Florida believe that to be true versus 33% who said no.

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