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New Product Guarantees You'll Never Run Out Of Gas Again

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Running on empty and worried you're not going to make it to the gas station?

Many of us have found ourselves coasting on fumes, hoping we get to where we are going before the car runs out of gas.

While storing a can full of gas in your trunk isn't safe or legal in most states, an inventor from New York has come up with the next best thing.

It's called Magic Tank, and starting this summer, Steve Bistritzky says he's revolutionary product will be available for sale at automotive stores in South Florida.

"No one wants to be stranded," said Bistritzky.  "What about your wife, or significant other, or your parents, or your teenage kid who doesn't have enough money in his pocket and figures dad will fill it up later?"

Magic Tank is a half-gallon of roadside rescue in a white plastic bottle that you keep in your trunk.

"This is a 'what if' situation," said Bistritzky. "It's an emergency insurance policy."

Steve says chemical engineers have removed all the highly flammable elements that make up gasoline for the product.

It's combustible, but doesn't catch fire.

CBS tested the product in both New York and Pittsburgh.  After running a car down to the point of a stall out, Magic Tank was poured into the empty tank, and the car ran just finer for another 20 to 30 miles, more than plenty to reach the nearest gas station.

Magic Tank has reached agreement with several national chains to distribute the product nationwide. You can expect to start seeing it in South Florida later this summer.

For now, you can find it online at



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