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New poll finds that most Florida families would relocate to Colorado if they could

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MIAMI - A new poll has found that many Floridians would prefer to move west -- as in Colorado -- while those not in the Sunshine state would like to move here if they could.

According to a new survey released Wednesday by that asked 3,000 families about their relocation plans for 2023, many of them said they want to live somewhere completely different from where they currently reside.

For people who are not in Florida, that means they want to relocate here.

"It's no great surprise to see that families from some of the colder states wanted a bit of heat and sunshine;" officials said in a written statement. "Who wouldn't happily trade -30ºF winter weather for the warmth of Florida?"

But for Florida residents, their goal is to go further west.

A majority of them said they would move to Colorado if they could.

According to the website, which identifies itself as a "kid-friendly vacation ideas" portal, Colorado is an ideal state because of physical beauty, diverse culture and major colleges and universities.

The site also said Floridians like the idea of living in a place that has four seasons as opposed to the Sunshine State's near year-round summerlike weather.. 

The survey also shows where families would relocate if they were to move internationally. 

Most Floridians would relocate to Italy if they could move across the world, according to the website.

Canada and the United Kingdom are most popular choices out of all the states shown according to the poll. 

Most families are interested in moving due to factors such as economy, environment, healthier lifestyle, and better work opportunities, survey said. 

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