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Girlfriend Of Miami Police Officer Shot To Death Not Talking To Police

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – As police continue to investigate the shooting death of a Miami police officer Carl Patrick inside his Pembroke Pines home, investigators with the Broward State Attorney's Office visited the home of his girlfriend's mother in Opa-locka.

Those investigators told CBS4's Marybel Rodriguez that they have not been able to speak with the girlfriend, Teniko Thompson. Pembroke Pines police said they were delivering subpoenas to Thompson's family.

Later in the day, attorney Clinton Pitts showed up at the Opa-locka home and left with Thompson's mother and two other family members who Pitts said had received subpoenas.

CBS4 cameras captured the mother and the family members arriving and departing the Pembroke Pines police department.

While he would not discuss the nature of the questions asked, Pitts said his clients "told them the truth about whatever they asked them."

Thompson's mother and relatives declined to speak to the media.

The Herald also said law enforcement investigators tried to speak with Thompson but she refused to speak with them.

Pembroke Pines Police Dept. Captain Al Xiques told CBS4's Carey Codd, "We're taking every possible thing into consideration. We're not focusing solely on one suspect or perhaps more than one suspect. More than anything we'd like the opportunity to question Ms. Thompson and we've attempted to do but as of now we haven't received any return calls from her attorney."

Thompson's attorney Roderick Vereeen told Codd that he had no plans for Thompson to speak with detectives. He said if they believe she did something wrong they should arrest her.

Teniko Thompson's mother said she's not spoken to her daughter since she called to tell her what had happened.

Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa stopped by the Northwest Miami-Dade home of Officer Carl Patrick.

Orosa told CBS4's Peter D'Oench, "She's a mother of one of our officers and I just wanted to provide her the reassurance that we'll do everything possible to keep her son's memory in our police department and finally make sure all the funeral arrangements are taken care of and just reaching out to a mother like anybody would reach out to a mother in need."

"Mrs. Patrick is hurting," said Miami Police Major Delrish Moss. "The police department is a family. We wanted to come by and sit with her and share in her grief. Hopefully we can bring a little bit of joy to her. Obviously we have all lost and we feel that loss."

Attorney Vereen said his client, who is a City of Miami Public Service Aide, acted in self-defense.

According to Vereen, Thompson and Patrick, 52, argued last Wednesday morning as he got dressed for work. When reached for his gun, the two struggled over it and Patrick pulled the trigger, according to Vereen.

"At the end of the day, she defended herself. She did not pull the trigger on the firearm. He pulled the trigger himself," said Vereen.

On Monday, Vereen released pictures which showed bruises on Thompson's arms, and near her eye, and a cut on her chin. According to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald, Thompson said Patrick had abused her for the last two years.

Teniko Thompson Face 625
Pictures show a cut and bruise on Teniko Thompson's face which she reportedly received in a scuffle with Miami police officer Carl Patrick. (Source: Roderick Vereen)

Neighbors were surprised to learn of the abuse allegations.

"There was never any kind of abuse that I ever saw. I never saw them fight or anything," one woman said. "Even if it was an accident, why wouldn't you say something to try to help him? That's my concern on it. He's your boyfriend. Whether there's abuse or something you don't let somebody die."

After the shooting, according to the Herald, Thompson panicked. She reportedly washed the blood off her clothes and then wrote a note explaining how Patrick had shot himself. She reportedly left the home in his car and slept in it for two days until she called her mother and told her what had happened. Thompson's mother then called the police.

Miami Police union President Sgt. Javier Ortiz doesn't buy Thompson's story.

"I knew Carl personally and I knew he was not going to pull his firearm on himself," said Ortiz. "When it comes to the evidence, they are going to prove what she said was a bald faced lie. If she really feels this was self-defense, the police department is open 24 hours a day. She could come in anytime to explain her side of the story.

Police discovered Patrick's body Friday.

Thompson has not been at work since last March when she took a family leave of absence. Also, someone called in sick for Patrick on both Thursday and Friday.

No charges have been filed at this time.


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