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NBA Announces Anti-Flopping Rule

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Some NBA players have taken "flopping" to a new level in recent years trying to draw fouls on opponents. The NBA has been under pressure to get flopping under control and on Tuesday took a major step towards doing that.

The NBA announced a new anti-flopping policy Tuesday that sets up financial penalties up to and including suspensions for repeatedly flopping.

According to, a player that flops during a regular-season game will be given a warning for the first offense. After the warning, players will be fined in increments of $5,000 for each additional flop, ESPN reported. The fines increase to $30,000 for a fifth offense.

After a fifth offense, according to ESPN, will see the NBA consider suspending a player who has repeatedly flopped. The NBA will announce the penalty for postseason flopping later.

Flopping will not be called by referees on the court, it will instead be reviewed by the league office.


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