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U.S. Navy & Marine Corps Pilots Team Up For History-Making Super Bowl 54 Flyover

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – On Sunday, millions of eyes will be on the South Florida skies as United States Navy and Marine Corps jets fly over Hard Rock Stadium before the Big Game.

This will be the first time in Super Bowl history that the two combine forces for this tradition.

Aircrafts included this year are the F-35B, the F-35C, the F/A 18 Super Hornet and the EA-18 Growler.

"Incredible aircraft," said Cmdr. Chad Heirigs of Strike Fight Squadron VFA 151. "More incredible are the people that maintain them."

Super Bowl Flyover 2
Cmdr. Chad Heirigs of Strike Fight Squadron VFA 151 (CBS4)

"As professional aviators, we are proud to execute [this tradition]," added Cmdr. Dan Kitts of Strike Fighter Squadron VFA 147.

Cmdr. Kitts said what you won't see, but should know when you see the flyover on Sunday, is all the teamwork that goes into what they do.

"I am one person sitting in an airplane. There is a squadron behind me of 225 people that make that happen," said Cmdr. Kitts.

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It's a lot of pressure. So much preparations goes into, yet it's over just like that. As soon as Demi Lovato hits the ending note of the national anthem, it's go time.

Super Bowl Flyover 3
Fighter jet being readied for takeoff. (CBS4)

Uniforms and rankings aside, at the end of the day just like many of us, these sailors and Marines are ready for football and a good game.

"I grew up in Kansas City," said Cmdr. Heirigs, who is rooting for the Chiefs. "Being that we're [based] in California, there's a lot of young kids who are 49ers contingents. It's OK, we'll look past that!"

After the flyover, a group of sailors and marines will be recognized on the field later on during the game.

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