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Nationwide Rallies Planned To Encourage Release Of Jailed Marine

WESTON (CBSMiami) – People around the country will rally at Mexican consulates Monday afternoon with the hope of bringing Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi back to the U.S. He is currently in a Mexican jail.

Tahmooressi, from Weston, said he mistakenly crossed the border of Mexico in late March with several guns in his truck.

His mother, Jill, will attend the rally taking place in Miami at 4 p.m. at the consulate on SW 1 Avenue.

Tahmooressi's home has become a command center for efforts to win her son's release. She says he moved to San Diego to get treatment for PTSD and he had all of his belongings in his truck while he searched for a place to live.

She said he wound up in Mexico by mistake and that this should have been sorted out by now.

Tahmooressi has a hearing at the end of May, his mother said and she hopes at that time or even before then Mexican officials will release him.

Tahmooressi, who served two tours in Afghanistan, said the guns inside of his truck were his and he had no plans to sell them on the black market.

His weapons are not legal in Mexico where authorities are fighting a war against drug cartels who get their fire power from the United States.

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