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It's National Mosquito Week, tips to protect yourself

It's National Mosquito Week
It's National Mosquito Week 03:29

MIAMI - It's National Mosquito Week and, like it or not, our summer rains bring mosquitoes out in higher numbers.

So far, there have been 13 cases of mosquito-related West Nile virus reported to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Thankfully, none of those cases were in Florida.

The best way to "fight the bite" is to cover your exposed skin as much as possible when outdoors and wear a mosquito repellent that contains DEET.

Residents and business owners are encouraged to "Drain and Cover" by removing any standing water in common mosquito habitats such as buckets, tires, planters, birdbaths, fountains, children's toys, and pet bowls.

Mosquitoes that carry viruses can bite indoors and during the day, so it's advisable to keep doors and windows closed.

If you are experiencing mosquito problems, call 3-1-1 in Miami-Dade to request spraying in your neighborhood. You can also call (305) 592-1186.

In Broward, you can also call 3-1-1, fill out a Mosquito Service Request Form online, or call (954) 765-4062.  

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