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Nat Moore Trophy: Dolphins legend on the award's importance

Nat Moore Trophy: Dolphins legend on the award's importance
Nat Moore Trophy: Dolphins legend on the award's importance 03:43

MIAMI - CBS4 is the home of the Nat Moore Trophy and the award is named after a Dolphins legend and community hero. 

CBS4 sports anchor Jim Berry sat down with the man himself to talk about the award that's named after this great gentleman.

Here is Berry's interview with Nat Moore:

Berry: "We are here with nat moore, miami dolphins legend and community hero and scratch golfer. Did I cover all the bases pretty much?"

Moore: "I think it's more golf than anything. I'm not a scratch.

Berry: "You are pretty good though, don't let him hustle you."

"Nat, this is a real privilege, this is the third time we are going to be awarding this beautiful trophy to some deserving high school football player. I don't know about you but each year we have done this I get more and more impressed with the quality of the nominees.

Moore: "Well not just the quality of nominees. This is a rich, rich football area. For colleges to come down and recruit. The more exposure we get. The more coaches coming in."

Berry: "What does this award mean to you personally? It's an honor.

Moore: "When you think back as a little kid growing up in South Florida. To think 40 years later, really 50 years later. You have something named after you. It's an award that gives kids the impetus to be their best both on and off the field. To have my name associated with that it's fabulous."

Berry: "You have earned that right. You have said it over and over again especially when you have had private conversations with our past nominees, that you want them to be well rounded, elaborate on that.

Moore: "I think it's all about taking advantage of all the opportunities that are there. When you get a college scholarship, you get a chance to go showcase your athletic skills. But you also get a chance to get a lot smarter. I believe in the theory you want to get up and you want to get better and you want to get smarter. If they do that maybe they will make it to this level. But if not, doesn't matter. Because they have educated themselves where they can do something else they love."

Berry: "Hey you know what you went to Edison High School. There happens to be a young man who happens to be one of our nominees. Nathaniel Joseph who also is at Edison right now that has got to make you proud. Not only for him but your alma mater to get some recognition.

Moore: "It's always great to see Edison get some recognition. Nathaniel Joseph, if he wins the award. The Nathaniel Moore Award, that would be really special. There are so many athletes in South Florida that are competing for this award. I wish him luck, but we will see."

Berry: "Yes, we will and the big day comes in December. It's been our privilege to do this each and every year. In honor of this great gentleman who has meant so much to the community." 

"This is the award and Nat, this is our local version of the Heisman Trophy. When the young man is announced as the winner he and his family are there to witness it and it really makes it a special night doesn't it?"

Moore: "Without a doubt, to see the family, to see how proud the kids are even the kids that don't win just to be in the opportunity to be in the final run you know its special." 

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