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Naples Home Surveillance Camera Captures Visit From Large Black Bear

NAPLES (CBSMiami) - A surveillance camera in the driveway of a home in Golden Gate Estates captured an unwanted nighttime visitor - a large black bear.

"It just sniffed through the trash and then kind of walked down the driveway and it's pretty huge. I'm just kind of worried about kids that go out from dusk till dawn, people that walk their dogs, I just want them to be aware that these are here," said Tina McKenzie.

To get the word out, she shared the video of the bear with her neighbors.

Florida Gulf Coast University animal behavior expert Billy Gunnels said the bear was most likely looking for food, especially this time of the year because their usual snacks haven't bloomed.

"As we move into their habitats, absolutely, it pushes them together. Now the bears are not territorial so they are fine being in each other's spaces but the more bears you have in a space, the less food there is available," said Gunnels.

While some neighbors in Golden Gate Estates have yet to run into a bear, or something else, others have and won't forget it.

"A while back me and my buddy were out here, just talking and hanging out at night and a momma panther and a baby panther, we were about to become snacks for them," said Timothy Sheperd.

Florida panthers have also been caught on camera roaming the area at night.

To help avoid having these late-night visitors, experts recommend for homeowners not create an environment where they can find food because they will continue to return.

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