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Moving U: Free Boot Camp For The Bold

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SUNRISE (CBSMiami) – Boot camps can be intense, high-energy workouts. They can also be expensive. But we discovered this free class through our Moving U campaign where folks are getting active and burning some serious calories in the process.

"We're very excited because we get this group of people together every Tuesday night at 5:45 at the Sunrise Civic Center brought to you by Baptist Health. It's totally free to the public and this is boot camp," said Julie Gordon, the instructor for this particular class.

During this sessions, Gordon had around 20 participants.

"As you know we always go through all the exercises first so you know the proper form and technique," she explained.

She ran through a quick tutorial explaining how to move through this high-intensity interval workout. Clapping her hands as she encourages her students to focus on each workout – targeting a wide range of body parts.

"You have to be at least 18 years old to participate. But they'll scale it back for you if you have knee injuries. It doesn't matter if you're older in age, you don't have to run you could walk. She modifies the exercises so up to your comfort level however you want to work out," said Maria Little, who works for the city of Sunrise and often participates in this particular class.

Some of the regulars here are in tip top shape like Larry, who's 71 years old and making a lot of people look bad.

"It gives me a positive attitude, a positive outlook. I know if I can complete this for one hour as hard as we can go and burn 600 calories, I know I can achieve a lot more things in my life. But I love it," said Larry.

While everyone's here to tighten up those muscles and shed some pounds, they're also gaining some new friends in the process.

Julie told us, "Some went to a concert together. They're just becoming friends and regulars. Motivating each other. A lot of co-workers and then people just meeting each other here. It's really becoming a great group."

If you'd like to be a part of this boot camp or try any of the other free activities Baptist Health has to offer, click here.


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