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Moving U: Family That Works Out Together, Stays Healthy Together

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MIAMI SHORES (CBSMiami) -- A new study has found 57-percent of kids in the US could be obese by age 35. Weight gain in childhood starts a pattern that is difficult to change unless schools, communities and families promote healthy food and exercise at an early age. That is exactly what CBS4 News anchor Rick Folbaum is doing with his own family as part of the CBS4 Moving U campaign.

Rick has five children. Dylan, Summer, Chase, Harlowe and Cash and they all take part in the JemKids youth fitness program in Miami Shores. The program is customized to each child's age, using games and movements that appeal to them. It is perfect for families with children of various ages.

Rick truly cares about spending time together with his family, so they were thrilled for the chance to learn some simple ways to stay fit and have fun as a family.

Jonerik Murphy of Primal Fit 360 in Miami Shores specializes in customizing workouts for adults and kids of all ages. He explained some of the benefits of families exercising together.

"It gives you quality time together and you can watch your children grow and progress through their different stages of life," Jonerik explained.

The idea is to get children hooked on fitness early and they will learn healthy exercise habits that can last a lifetime. This is especially important, as obesity rates are on the rise.

The JemKids program is designed for all ages, even as young as two years old.

"You cannot use the term workout. It has to be fun. If I have children laughing in the class, I know it is going well," Jonerik added.

Jonerik begins with Rick's second-grade twins, Chase and Harlowe, who mastered the move 'bear claw battle.'

For teen Dylan and tween Summer, it was taken up a notch, with sand bags. Rick also decided to join in.

"My girls are quicker and better listeners than I am. I didn't know I had to go back!" said Rick.

Next, Jonerik set up an obstacle course to work on coordination and hip strength. Rick and his kids used the fitness steps. But you don't need any expensive equipment to do this at home. Jonerik says you can use tape.

Not even Cash, Rick's 4-year old, is too young to work out.

"What we'll do, we'll make it easier for him," explained Jonerik

One fun exercise, good for all ages, is the bridge and crab train. It is more fun than difficult, but you do get to work out your abdominal muscles, stomach, hamstrings and quads.

Finally, it's medicine ball hot potato. Chase is in charge as they all pass the five-pound ball from person to person; working the core, shoulders and arms.

"Are you guys feeling the burn?" asked mom Kelcey, who also joined in.

The ball, and hopefully the healthy habit of staying fit is passed, taught, and learned for life because a family that works out together, stays together.

The JemKids youth fitness in Miami Shores is offering free youth classes every Saturday in December 2017.  However, if you cannot make the classes, you can always find ways to stay fit as a family at home or at a neighborhood park.

The JemKids youth fitness takes place at Primal Fit 360 at 9531 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, 33138. The phone number is 305-392-0624.  Call in advance to register.

Click Here for more information on childhood obesity, and why working out with your children is important for everyone's health.

What is keeping you happy and healthy? Let us know what is Moving U at for a chance to be featured!

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