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Mounting Your TV

Today's TVs are thinner, lighter, bigger, and better than ever before, so it's exciting to buy a new one but you might want to know ahead of time where and how you want to set up your new TV. You've got lots of options. You may prefer to keep the TV on a traditional stand. You can choose wood, metal, glass - pick something to look great with your new, high-tech TV. Measure closely unless you don't mind if your new TV overlaps the ends of the stand.

Maybe you'd like a wall mount that saves space and looks good too. Since most new TVs are light enough, you can mount almost any size on the wall, with several choices.

A simple flat panel mount allows the TV to be set very close to the wall itself. If you know exactly where you want the TV, and have thought about the angle and height from where you'll be watching, a flat mount can be a good choice. Just realize that it doesn't move. There's little to no adjusting the tilt or side angle of viewing.

That leads to the tilt bracket. Just like it sounds, you can adjust the up and down angle of the TV by tilting it forward or back. No side-to-side adjustment with a tilt bracket, but you may not need it. The tilt bracket is the most popular choice, so it suits most people just fine. For a full range of movement, the choice is an 'articulating,' or full-motion bracket. These have arms that extend, tilt, and swivel so the TV can extend out from the wall, tilt up and down, and swivel from side-to-side. Articulating full-motion mounts are a great choice for dens, game or family rooms, even outdoors - maybe under your lanai.

Now, if you've considered a wall mount, but worry about where the cable or satellite box, or the home theater player goes, just look for a bracket that includes hardware to mount these as well. Finally, if you live in a condo or apartment, and don't think you can wall mount your TV, you should know about the "floating" TV stand. It's a hybrid that looks like a traditional TV stand but sports a back bracket that allows the TV to be mounted above the stand itself - so the TV seems to float. That leaves space on top of the stand for all of your other equipment.

How simple is it to mount your TV to your chosen bracket? Today's TVs are bigger and thinner than ever before but unfortunately, that means they are more fragile too. We suggest you avoid the sound of shattering glass by using our professional installation staff. Your TV will be put up safely, no matter what kind of mount you choose, and you'll never need to worry about your home entertainment investment coming off the wall. Here at BrandsMart USA, we love to talk TVs, TV stands, and TV mounts. Come in to see all the options to mount your TV the way you like it. We'll help you do it, or we'll do it for you. Discover the BrandsMart way.

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