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Mother Of Teen Killed In Miami Housing Project Sues County

MIAMI (CBS4) - The mother of a teen girl who was shot to death in a public housing property last year is suing Miami-Dade County claiming they should have done more to ensure her daughter's safety.

The shooting happened January 24th, 2010 at the Annie Coleman Gardens Apartments. Tavornia Reddick said her 15-year old daughter Sabrina O'Neil had gone there to visit a friend. According to police, around 6:45 p.m. several males walked onto the property and started shooting. A stray bullet struck O'Neil in the head, killing her.

"It's hard. Her 8th grade year, she turned all the way around, and before she could enjoy it and move on, she got killed," Reddick told CBS4's Gio Benitez.

In the suit, Reddick's attorney Gregg Schwartz claims the apartment complex lacked adequate security in light of the number violent incidents and crimes which had been committed there in the past.

"There were zero security cameras at the site where Sabrina was shot. Zero," said Schwartz.

"The bad guys that went over there, probably wouldn't have gone if they knew there was security," said Reddick.

The lawsuit alleges that Miami-Dade County (Miami-Dade Housing Authority/Agency) knew or should have known that this property was unsafe, and should have provided security guards, cameras, gates or other preventative security measures.

The Annie Coleman Gardens complex is made up of more than a dozen apartment buildings between NW 46th and 51st streets and NW 22nd and 27th avenues.

Reddick is seeking money from the county, but her attorney says the amount has not yet been decided on.

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