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Mother Of Missing Children Seen In Louisiana

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade School Police have secured an arrest warrant for Carrie Weingarth as law enforcement across the southeast continue searching for her, her boyfriend, and three children.

Police said Weingarth took her biological son, Erin Pena, without authority. Erin's father has custody of the boy. Erin was last seen with Weingarth on February 14th at Gulfstream Elementary School in Cutler Bay.

Weingarth was turned away from the school Friday but slipped back in and took Erin from the cafeteria.

Some parents of children at Gulfstream Elementary were surprised Weingarth was able to take Erin without the school's permission.

"I don't know how she came inside and took the kid because they have a good security over here," said Maria Sanchez. "My grandson has been here four years and I have never had no problem."

According to Police, Weingarth and her boyfriend Christian Coello are now traveling in a dark blue 2014 Jeep Patriot with a Florida license tag of #476HXS. The car was rented at an Enterprise Rental at the Jacksonville International Airport.

The group was last seen traveling westbound in Walker, Louisiana.

"We continue to communicate with all law enforcement agencies in the area they could be traveling to," said Captain Ivan Silva. "The last known area was the Walker, Louisiana area so all those law enforcement agencies in that area have been alerted."

Weingarth and Coello both have criminal histories and each have active warrants for their arrest on unrelated cases.

Miami-Dade Schools Police said the arrest warrant they obtained is for interference with custody.

Erin was last seen wearing a blue polo shirt, khaki pants, and gray and orange tennis shoes.

Some parents are aghast that Weingarth was able to retrieve Erin without authorization from the school.

"They have a system that they sign-in and show ID but like I said in all schools they have that," said Rosie Lopez, a parent at the school. "But they need something--they need to implement something different."

It's not clear why, but CBS4's Gary Nelson learned that Erin's two brothers, Derrick and Steven, haven't been to school in Miami-Dade for months. As of Tuesday, all three are out of school and nowhere to be found.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the children or Weingarth, call Miami-Dade Schools Police at 305-995-2677 or 305-471-TIPS (8477).

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