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Mom speaks out after she says daughter "jumped" at Youth Fair

Mom calls for consequences afer daughter "jumped" at Youth Fair
Mom calls for consequences afer daughter "jumped" at Youth Fair 02:36

MIAMI - A mother and daughter say they were brutally attacked by gangs at two separate locations.

The first fight happened at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair on Saturday. A crowd of people can be seen standing by as a girl is pulled by her hair.

Tiffany Beneby said she got the call from her daughter while she was in the bathroom that she had just gotten jumped. Instantly, she went to find her kids and take them home.

"I immediately stopped to the officer to get a report because at that point I didn't know what happened but I know she said they jumped her. These are the same girls that go to her school that stuff has been going on," Beneby said. 

According to Beneby, the teens attend Miami Northwestern Senior High School.

We reached out to the school district, but as the video shows, this did not happen on school grounds.

However, this was only the beginning. Beneby was on the way home when she got an alert on her phone.

"I looked at my camera and see all these people in the front of my door. I seen the young lady grab the camera off the wall and ran with the camera. Telling her mom she got the camera, what do you want her to do with it," Beneby said.

Beneby says she was followed home and when she got out of her car she was attacked.

"They started brutally beating me. Kicking me, the parents, the children, everything," she recounted.

One of her daughters watched it all in fear.

"I saw my mom getting dragged on the floor and everybody just attacking her. I'm sitting in the car, some of them is trying to get me out the car, trying to beat me up."

Beneby has now filed two police reports with Miami-Dade County Police. She said when she got home, there was a police officer on her street that she thought was responding to her call. That's why she thought it was safe to get out of her car before the attack happened. Now she wants all the people involved to be held accountable. 

"Justice needs to be served. They need to be in jail," she said. 

Now, Beneby is dealing with the aftermath bruises, blackouts, and brutal headaches.

Her daughters left with scars of their own.

"I'm so scared, I'm traumatized, like I just hope they regret doing this," said her daughter.

The Miami Dade County Youth Fair says they will look into this incident once they reopen. 

On Wednesday, the Youth Fair released the following statement: "We are aware of an incident that was reported to have occurred last weekend at the Youth Fair. If you have any questions regarding the matter, please contact Miami-Dade County Police Department's Public Information Office."

We've reached out to the Miami-Dade Police Department and are waiting to hear back on the status of Beneby's cases.

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