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Miramar Police Release Valentine's Day Robbery Video Where Teen Suspect Was Killed

MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) – Haunting surveillance video released by Miramar police from a robbery gone bad back on Valentine's Day.

It shows three teenage suspects: 17-year-old Jonovan Campos, 16-year-old Anthony Person and 16-year-old Azarya Murphy, who would lose his life in just a matter of moments. CBS News Miami is naming these minors because of the serious nature of this crime.

You can see one of the three teenagers, wearing a hoodie, face mask and gloves walking through a grassy area in the gated Silver Shores community.

A short time later, another teen appears, also fully covered, slinking through the same area. And, then another, moving with more urgency, crouching down.

Miramar Shooting Surveillance
One of the three teens caught on cam skulking toward the singled out victim. (Source: Miramar PD)

Miramar PD say the two 16-year-old boys and their 17 year-old friend were stalking their prey, an adult victim, minding his own business watching YouTube videos on a gazebo outside.

Police say you can see the suspects casing their target for 30-minutes. At one point, they run away before returning for what would be the final seconds of Azarya Murphy's life.

In the gazebo, where the victim was watching those YouTube videos, you can clearly see one of the boys, in all white, with a gun in hand.

Then all hell breaks loose.

The man the boys were trying to rob turns from prey to predator, pulling a weapon, which he was licensed to carry.

In the dark of night, you clearly see one muzzle flash and then another muzzle flash, as the victim unloads two shots. Police say one of the two hit 16-year-old Azarya Murphy in the back of the head killing him.

Miramar Shooting Surveillance
Surveillance video of the three teens running away from the person they attempted to rob. (Source: Miramar PD)

Police say one of the boys had turned the weapon back in the victim's direction when those fateful shots were fired, ending the life of teenager Azarya Murphy, which had barely just begun.

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