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City Of Miramar Honors Print Shop Owner During Hispanic Heritage Month

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- In this age where digital media seems to reign supreme, it may come as a surprise that print-making is also flourishing.

CBS 4 talked to a small business owner in Miramar who's being honored as part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

"Printing for me it's in my blood, and I feel like it's very rewarding," Jose Alvarado said.

When Alvarado first began in the business, he was still cutting out vinyl fabrics and letters by hand for shop signs. He didn't have any of the advanced tools that now exist in his ADP Printing shop today.

"I started in printing was I was 12 years old," he said.

His journey began in Honduras where he studied to be an accountant, but he always loved fabricating stuff. He took that skill to America.

"From my house, everything was word of mouth."

The business started the way many do in U.S., from home, in a room, then it began to expand. He began making leaflets, flyers, then clients asked for more, whatever they asked, he would learn to deliver.

"I feel like one of my biggest concerns at the time was the barrier of the language."

Since he came here at 22, he wasn't able to learn English quite the way young kids do, but it was an obstacle he was determined to master.

"But I like goals, if you have a goal, if you can aim towards that you can achieve your dreams."

His dream, to run his own printing business, today it's on display all over.

"I remember as I'm driving I see this truck with the letters we have done like maybe a year ago and it still looked very nice, and it feels good to see your work out there."

Over the years he has found success, and has been able to give back, with donated supplies and volunteering for various events.

"In Broward County 90 percent of jobs are created by small businesses," Mayor Wayne Messam said.

Messam knows, it's small businesses like ADP that help drive the community.

"Online ordering just can't replicate or meet the needs. To be able to go into a facility that has such a broad range of printing services that's a plus," he explained.

And that's why Miramar will be recognizing Alvarado's business for Hispanic Heritage Month in October. The event itself will now become an annual event.

"We all come with fresh ideas from another country, and that's what makes this the greatest nation in the world," Alvarado added.

Alvardo is proud to be a Hispanic business owner, he hopes to leave a lasting imprint on the community for years to come.

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