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Miracles Are Common For Local Teen

PLANTATION (CBS4) - Trevoughn Sands is a miracle that multiplies. Back in 2007, the 15-year-old crashed his motorbike into a car. At the time, the doctor told his family that he had done all he could do and Sands was not expected to make it.

"He went back and the nurses encouraged him to try again said try again," recalled Trevoughn's grandmother, Lovine Taylor. "He's young…try and they did. So when they did, they said they hooked him up fast and he made a breath."

Against the odds, the teen started breathing. But doctors told his family that he would remain on a breathing tube and live his life in a vegetative state.

"We knew he was gonna come through," said Taylor.

The family transferred Sands to The Kids Korner in Plantation, a rehabilitation center for children. Slowly but surely, the miracles continued.

Sands came out of his coma last year, to find his family cheering at his bedside. Soon after he began moving his hands. Then, seven months ago, he started talking.

While Sands is now wheelchair bound, he's doing much better than doctors ever expected him to do. He told CBS4 News he likes to work on computers and explore the internet.

Now, the 18-year-old will be transferred to an aggressive rehabilitation facility. The hope is that one day, he will be able to go back to school and do a lot more independently.

"Well he's our family now and you know, it's a bitter sweet success story," said Cara Pagan, the Pediatric Service Coordinator at Kidz Korner. "You know we're sad to see him leave; but it's the best thing for him."

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