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'Miracle Mom' Talks About Her Near Death Experience

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BOCA RATON (CBSMiami) -- A mother in Boca Raton, who went without a pulse for 45 minutes following a C-section, spoke out about her near death experience.

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro of Deerfield Beach spoke about it to our news partners at the Sun-Sentinel.

It happened at Boca Raton Regional Hospital moments after the 40-year old mom and her husband celebrated the birth of their newborn baby girl.

"I really didn't know I died, by the way. I had no clue that's why when I woke up, to me, no time had passed. I was like, 'why do I have this in my mouth?' I saw my whole family but when I started seeing my family from Miami I thought something must have gone wrong," said Cassimiro.

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She had a C-section and lost consciousness after suffering an amniotic fluid embolism. Fluid from her uterus entered her bloodstream, clogged her heart, and stopped circulation.

Doctors were ready to pronounce her dead, and the family was called in to say their goodbyes.

"They stepped out of the OR and I went to be with them and we were all holding hands and praying and one of the nurses came out of the OR and said, "Don't stop praying her heart is starting to beat on its own," said Nurse Julie Ewing.

The medical team spent two hours trying to revive the woman but staff said she woke up after divine intervention.

"It was a miracle. God was there. God showed up and answered prayers," said  Ewing.


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