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Miami Woman Takes Plea Deal In Deadly Hit & Run Crash

MIAMI (CBS4) – A Miami woman charged with hitting and killing a man as he stood by his disabled car on the Dolphin Expressway has accepted a plea deal from prosecutors.

Madelaine Torredemert will serve one year in jail, one year of house arrest and 10 years of probation for the December 2010 crash that killed Fernando Heria.

Investigators said back in December of 2010, Torredemert was driving drunk on the State Road 836/Dolphin Expressway when she hit Heria.

Florida Highway Patrol officers said Heria's broken down car was in the safety zone right before the 42nd Street exit. He was standing outside when he was hit and the impact threw him far into the roadway, killing him.

"The defendant never called 911," the prosecutor told the judge during Torredemort's arraignment in March 2012. "The defendant called and spoke to her friends and her friends came from Miami Beach to the accident site and when fire rescue actually got to her friends were already there."

Prosecutors also said the tow truck had already arrived before paramedics arrived on the scene and Torredemert's car was nearly a football field away from the crash site.

"She's a murderer," screamed Fernando's mother Beatoiz Heria during the court hearing. "She's a murderer because she never called 911, never, never, never!"

Prosecutors say Torredemert has federal charges against her for credit card skimming.

Prosecutors said she commit the crime to pay for her defense attorney.


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