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Miami Woman Shocks Pat Sajak & Wheel Of Fortune Fans With Stunning Correct Answer In Bonus Puzzle

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- If you watched Wheel of Fortune this week, then you saw Miami's own Jessie Rebhan win a fortune when she astonishingly guessed the final bonus puzzle with just four letters.

Rebhan, a teacher at Leewood Middle School, was surrounded by friends, family, and co-workers who joined her at a neighborhood pub watch party.

She absolutely thrilled the crowd with her extraordinary feat.

So here's what happened.

Rebhan made it to the final bonus puzzle where she chose "What Are You Doing?" as the category.

The standard letters given were R-S-T-L-N-E, and the additional letters she chose were P-C-D-O.

That resulted in the puzzle _ _ _ _ N_ / _ / _ _ _CER.

She only had four of the 13 letters in the three-word puzzle and only 10 seconds to guess the correct answer.

Would you know the answer?

Pat Sajak knew it was a tough one, saying, "It looks daunting to me, but you know, you have 10 seconds. ... Good luck."

Stunningly, Rebhan took only half that amount of time to blurt out her guess, "Buying a juicer," and she was right!

Sajak was shocked saying "I don't understand this game! It makes no sense at all."

Rebhan said herself at the watch party, she was shocked and practically ran off the stage when she realized she won.

Rebhan's father, at the watch party, said he wasn't shocked. "She gets her brains from me," he boasted proudly.

The winning answer netted her $37,000, bringing her total winnings for the game to $52,328 and a trip to Barbados.

Shocked fans took to Twitter.


Did we forget to mention Jessie's husband is named Gator!

The answer is Yes, but that is his nickname!

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