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Husband, wife minister team leads social services for Miami's Salvation Army

Miami Proud: Husband, wife ministers lead social services for Miami's Salvation Army
Miami Proud: Husband, wife ministers lead social services for Miami's Salvation Army 01:19

MIAMI – Majors Roy and Kathleen Williams have set the ultimate example of what it is to serve others.

For the past four years, this husband-and-wife team of ministers have overseen social services for the Salvation Army's command center in Miami. 

The center includes a 256-bed shelter, a feeding program and, most importantly, they provide hope and help to those who need it.

"They come to us because they've lost hope in their life: if you've been evicted from your home; you've been living in your car and you start giving up on life. 

"They come to us. We have a fantastic staff here. We give them the stability they need. And then we start working with them to get them housed ... to figure out how to pay off all their bills. We work with them on a constant basis," said Roy.

"We have a lot of people who are staying with us for an extended period of time. So we provide ministry to those people spiritual and emotional," said Kathleen.

The Williams have been serving the Salvation Army for more than 30 years, moving around the country every four years. When they first arrived in Miami it was during the height of COVID.

"The first year was very challenging because we didn't get to meet anybody. But we were still able to do some great work in the community. Our feeding program that year, we did 1,600,000 meals for people coming by to pick up a food box," he said.

And now after decades of serving others the Williams have decided take time for themselves and make Miami the last stop of their mission.

"I'm very proud. The army is very lucky to have them, and I hate to see them go," said Robert Taylor, a Salvation Army case manager.

"I've said for years now that my goal is to try to change the quality of life for everybody I meet," said Roy.

And they have during the past four years. 

The Williams have launched the Million Meals campaign to expand its countywide food distribution program. The program serves over 750,000 hot and grocery box meals a year.  

Soon enough, the majors will be retiring and moving to the Panhandle where, they say, they're looking forward to spending time with their children and grandchildren.

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