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Miami Proud: Brody helps Miami International Airport passengers smile, de-stress

Miami Proud: Brody, a therapy dog, brings smiles at Miami International Airport
Miami Proud: Brody, a therapy dog, brings smiles at Miami International Airport 02:41

MIAMI - For many people taking a flight could be stressful for others it means pure fear, but at Miami International Airport there is a special four-legged friend who is there to help passengers de-stress and smile.  His name is Brody, and he is making Miami Proud.

"This is Brody he's here in the ambassador program for Miami-Dade Aviation he's here to keep you happy and distressed. He's doing a great job; he's doing a great job. Thank you, thanks Brody," said Ana Delphus, his handler.

It very well could be one of the most rewarding jobs making people smile and at ease. Two days a week Brody, a therapy dog and his handler, Ana Delphus spend 4 hours volunteering at Miami International Airport, sharing unconditional love.

"We walk around and look for people that look like they may want to pet the dog we make people happy. Basically, they're stressed out from going through the TSA checkpoint. They're stressed out because they may miss her flight, or they don't know where they are," said Delphus.

Brody, a Bernice Mountain dog who is 7 years old, is one of several four-legged friends' part of MIA's Miami Hound Machine Program they help passengers get into the rhythm of flying.

"Somehow, he seems to know that you need it, and he goes up to you and he leans on you and let you know. Hey, I'm here for you," said Delphus.

"There was a young lady who was on her phone, and she says to me, 'Oh, I can pet him?' She hung up her phone got dead on the floor with Brody for a good two minutes and when I said to her, you guys are really commuting? She looks up as she was crying, and she apologized and basically said, 'I'm so sorry, I just lost my husband today,'" said Delphus.

And it's because of stories like this and smiles like that that can serve as a beautiful reminder of the incredible impact a single act of kindness and unconditional love can have.

"As you're walking down the airport you can see them smile at us and right away, we feel we made them happy even if they don't touch him," said Delphus.

When Brody gets home after a long day of work, he has a snack, goes outside then takes a long nap. Aside from visiting the airport, Brody also volunteers at South Miami Hospital.

He was certified by The Alliance for Therapy Dogs.

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