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Miami Police Release Body Camera Footage Of Scuffle Before Officer-Involved Shooting

MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Newly released body camera footage captured the tense moments before a shooting involving a Miami police officer that left a man dead.

It all happened during a traffic stop near Miami Northwestern Senior High School in March.

Antwon Leonard Cooper, 34, was behind the wheel.

"Can you roll down the windows for me," asks an officer.

From an officer's body camera you can hear an officer ask Cooper for his license, Cooper says he doesn't have one.

"Just go ahead and step out of the vehicle," says an officer.

Once outside of the vehicle that's when it appears Cooper tries to book it.

The officer and cooper tussle for several seconds before a gunshot is heard.

Moments later another officer can be seen walking with their gun drawn.

The family has decided to pursue a lawsuit for wrongful death and excessive force.
The family and their attorney spoke Friday with the media now that the footage has been released.

"The officer that's supposed to protect the city is out there killing people because he has a badge and a gun, he's got to pay for this, he's going to pay for this," says Helen Bryant, grandmother.

Cooper does have a lengthy criminal history, however attorney Rawsi Williams says his past does not matter.

"What is the purpose of that when you have an unjustified shooting from a sergeant who didn't even know the past of the person he shot and killed, it's irrelevant," says Williams.

City of Miami Police Chief Manny Morales says they have offered their condolences and support to the family and they're continuing to cooperate with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as they conduct the investigation.

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