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Miami police readying for large crowds banging pots, pans if Heat win Tuesday night

Police prepping for fan celebrations if Miami Heat advance in the finals
Police prepping for fan celebrations if Miami Heat advance in the finals 03:06

MIAMI - Tuesday night the Miami Heat will try to advance to their 7th NBA Finals in franchise history.

If the past title runs are any indication, a win will lead to wild celebrations in the streets. So Miami police are getting ready for the fan frenzy. In typical South Florida fashion, they're expecting people, with pots and pans in hand, will take to the streets. But with large crowds and rowdy fans, there is trouble sometimes.

Miami police Chief Manny Morales said he expects all Heat fans will celebrate in a safe, respectful manner and does not expect any issues.

"We can see large crowds, pots, and pans, people celebrating. So, it's more of a traffic concern than a safety issue, but just be mindful. If you're out there, celebrating, you can easily fall out of the vehicle. We have seen some individuals riding in the back of pickup trucks with small children, so just be mindful that this is not only illegal but incredibly dangerous. So just party and celebrate responsibly," he said.

Miami police will not be the only agency watching over the crowds. Morales said they've enlisted help from the Florida Highway Patrol, Miami-Dade police, and several other agencies. He said it's a team effort for big sporting events like this to make sure everyone stays safe.  

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