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Miami Gardens Group Seeks To Recall Politicians Who Voted For Formula 1 Racing

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A group of Miami Gardens residents is a step closer to recalling several members of the city council.

The residents say the politicians promised to vote against Formula 1 racing, then they voted for it after getting elected.

"You betrayed us once we will not trust you again," said Karen Hunter Jackson.

Jackson heads grassroots organization Miami Gardens Strong and they have initiated a recall campaign to overturn the election of the city council over the approval of the race.

"We demand our elected officials to keep their word and to stand accountable to the people who elected them."

Back in April, the city of Miami Gardens, Hardrock Stadium, and Formula 1 finalized a deal to have races in the area for the next ten years.

Supporters say the racing will give a huge boost to the local economy.

But Formula 1 opponents disagree saying the racing will cause noise and air pollution as well as other negative impacts.

"It's kind of bad you can get ear damage," said Linda Hodges-Holloway.

"I'm not against car racing, what I am against is that it should not be in our community," said Hayden Philome.

"I've been in Homestead when it initiated and over there it was making a major impact and polluting the community with noise, then imagine what it can do here," said Lorna Shauford.

The group says prior to the approval they made their concerns known to elected officials and they still went against the community's wishes.

Miami Gardens Strong says they have gathered the number of signatures required by Florida Law to recall the election of Reginald Leon, who represents District 2.

"I feel confident that seat two is a victory and for that reason, we are victorious in letting all elected officials going forward know that people will rise up and the people will hold them accountable," said Hunter Jackson.

The group says they will continue to collect recall petition signatures in front of Norwood Elementary School from 5-8 p.m. until June 8th.

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