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Miami Gardens Family Hold Vigil After Police Kill Relative

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MIAMI GARDENS (CBSMiami) – A Miami Gardens family held a candle light vigil on Monday for a 25-year-old man who was shot and killed by police.

According to the family, Lavall Hall suffered from schizophrenia. They called police like they had in the past hoping they would come take him to the hospital this weekend but when police showed up he was shot and killed.

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Police Chief Stephen Johnson said there are audio and partial video recordings from the police officers car that prove the officers were threatened and their actions were justified.  They will likely remain on the job.

The chief will hold a press conference on Tuesday to release the audio and video recordings and a comprehensive report on the facts. He will meet with the family and the state attorney before holding the press conference.

Right now the officers are on paid injured administrative leave.

CBS4's  Cynthia Demos spoke on the phone with the chief about the latest information just as the vigil rapped up.

But the family and friends want answers now.

"We want justice, we want justice," the group chanted.

They walked in the hopes of bringing attention to what they say was injustice.

They shouted, "The officer is a murderer and we need him off the streets."

Very early Sunday morning Hall was apparently having an episode.

His mother Catherine Daniels said, "he just was walking up and down the sidewalk up and down the sidewalk."

He thought someone was after him.

They called 911 for help. When Miami Gardens officers showed up Hall ended up around the corner from his house. He had a broom in his hand. There was some kind if altercation and he was shot and killed.

"Don't let the police get away with this I'm asking for justice Lord," said Daniels.

Hall has an 8-year-old who was too distraught to join the vigil.

Hall's cousin, Walter Pinkins said, "If you're not trained to deal with mental people don't come on the call."

Hall's family is now just looking and praying for answers.

"As a parent Lord, I want justice for them taking my child's life," said Daniels.

The Miami Gardens Police Chief did tell CBS4s Cynthia Demos that both officers involved are white.  She asked if he was concerned that could turn into a bigger issue he said "no."

The funeral will be a week from Saturday.

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