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Miami FOP Commercial Encourages PD Hopefuls To Apply Elsewhere

MIAMI (CBS4) - The Miami Fraternal Order of Police has come out swinging at the Miami Police Department in a commercial being circulated on the Internet.

The 16 second commercial was uploaded to the FOP's YouTube channel on Wednesday evening with the headline "Don't Apply To The Miami Police Department."

In it, several Miami Police officers are shown as a voice over dialogue says, "Are you looking to advance you career? Do not apply to be a police officer in the City of Miami. There are no educational incentives, no promotional incentives, and no raises. Work for a department that values their public safety employees. Know the facts before you apply".

Clich Here to watch the commercial

In a statement sent to CBS4 News, FOP President Sgt. Javier Ortiz said "Our goal is for police candidates (as well as our own Miami Police Officers) that are qualified to be hired by police departments that appreciate their employees. The City of Miami has no plan to raise the number of police officers in our City. In the next 36 months, we will lose approximately 200 police officers due to retirement and transitioning to better police departments."

Ortiz said they have also been attending recruitment drives and giving out information flyers about other South Florida law enforcement agencies for candidates to apply for.

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado said the mayor had no official statement, but mentioned they do have thousands of applications for police officer positions.

The FOP plans to air the commercial on network television next week.

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