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Major Problems For Miami Motorists After Flooding Downpours Swept Through Thursday

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Heavy rain caused major issues for portions of Miami.

"It was pouring out and that's how fast the road grew," said delivery man Peter Gadaleta as he described how the road he was parked on became inundated with flood water.

He was caught in the flash flood on SE 10 Street and SW Miami Avenue, near the Mary Brickell Village.

"My boss tells me to wait until the rain stops and I waited and that's how fast the flooding started and now the car is stuck," said Gadaleta.

And those who live in the area say it's not uncommon to see roads and sidewalk inundated with water in a matter of minutes.

"When it rains, it gets pretty nasty. I've seen massive puddles everywhere and the streets can get bad just from regular rain, it doesn't even have to be a major storm," said Brickell resident Denis Zimero, who adds moments later the flood waters quickly subsided.

Zimero continued, "It just comes and goes the infrastructure is just not 100% there to manage that type of rain, coming in and out daily, especially if it's coming down constantly. it can get pretty backed up."

The reports of flooding stretched from Brickell to Flagler, and folks also saw water levels increase in downtown and midtown Miami. As for Gadaleta, he says Thursday's rain may have ruined his car.

"The car is messed up now, maybe it will start, I don't know we'll see because it's an electric car," added Gadaleta.

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