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Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill gives fans a tour around his Miami home

MIAMI – The Miami Dolphins' acquisition of WR Tyreek Hill created shockwaves earlier this offseason, and with Hill now settled into his Miami home, the star wideout gave us a look. 

Hill released a YouTube video, showcasing his Miami home.

MY MIAMI HOUSE TOUR | Tyreek Hill by Tyreek Hill on YouTube

The video resembles to the show "MTV Cribs," where athletes and entertainers showed some of the best things about their abodes.

Hill's home features his car collection, arcade and movie rooms, a pool, and a basketball court. 

There is also a formal living room, which, according to Hill's YouTube video, will soon be tricked out with a shark tank.  

"This house is definitely one of the best houses I've ever stayed in my life," Hill said. 

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