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Miami-Dade schools 'share table' has students coming together to fight climate change

Miami Proud: Miami-Dade students 'share table' is helping to fight climate change
Miami Proud: Miami-Dade students 'share table' is helping to fight climate change 02:23

MIAMI - The Environmental Protection Agency has named food waste the number one cause of climate change. This has Miami-Dade students coming to the table with a solution that makes Miami Proud.

Instead of tossing unwanted food in trash bins, Miami-Dade students donate their unwrapped lunch items in the school cafeteria and make them available to other students who can eat them for free.

"It's called a share table. So we're sharing with others," said JC Bermudez Doral Senior High School senior Giancarlo Da Motta. The program was launched at his school.

"This is a simple, easy way and if it rolls out to more schools, they'll understand food waste and climate, they'll be able to take that message home to their parents, their family, their fellow friends and it becomes more of a movement," said Ellen Bowen, director of Food Rescue U.S.

By keeping edible food out of landfills, where it creates methane gas, the students are helping curb climate change.

"It's really hard to not waste food at home, as well as in large places like a school. So the fact that they're conscious of it, that's the biggest thing," said JC Bermudez student Georgina Mederos.

Since its launch, share tables are also available at three elementary schools.

As the program spreads, you can imagine the impact, with over 300,000 students in the Miami-Dade school district.

Audra Young-Wright, director of Miami-Dade Schools food & nutrition program said, "together we will change and hopefully become ambassadors for the entire school district and for other school districts around this country."

Da Motta said one of the best parts is "every Friday, whatever is left on our share table will we'll pick up and that'll go back to local shelters and other community members who are in need."

It's a program bringing several issues to the table for a shared solution.

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