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Miami-Dade Public Schools Gets Through Day 1 Of Online Orientation Despite Technical Issues

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – With Miami-Dade County Public Schools set to begin remote learning next Monday, this week will be all about online preparation for what's to come.

Day one had some technical issues as MDCPS started online orientation.

Once things got fixed, a lot of information flowed on how school will work – ranging from online safety to problem solving skills.

The county hopes everyone is prepared for the August 31 start of school amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As for Archdiocese schools, they've already started classes.

At St. Brendan Elementary School, the teachers are physically in class while students are learning from home.

For St. Brendan Principal Christina Capote, it's a team effort.

"The teachers have been amazing. They purposely decorated their classrooms as if the children were coming back physically," she said.

But, the terrific work put in by teachers doesn't cover everything.

There's a big technical aspect to this process.

"There's always going to be a glitch somewhere. As a matter of fact, today, one of our main platforms was having a glitch in their own headquarters," Capote explained. "Thankfully, we have an excellent IT department."

And it takes even more to pull this off.

"The parents have been wonderful, very supportive, understanding," she said. "We are extremely blessed. We have a community as supportive as it is here."

It's all of these elements coming together, allowing this school to function properly.

The real hope out of all of this is to get the virus under control and get kids back in school.


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