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Miami condo owners say they're being forced out of their homes

Condo owners say they are being forced out in Miami
Condo owners say they are being forced out in Miami 04:25

MIAMI - Condo owners at Biscayne 21 received a notice last Friday that their building services would be discontinued. The development demanded the remaining residents move out by Friday, but they refused to leave without a fight. 

The high rise was bought by Two Roads Development. The residents filed a lawsuit in mid-May against the company claiming that the unit owners "manipulated, bullied, deceived and pressured" them to sell their units to the developer.

Residents invited CBS Miami to interview them inside the property, but we were met by police within minutes of our arrival. Lawrence Pecan, the attorney of the property, said he did not want the media inside.

Nicolas Bello, a unit owner, was packing his belongings to move Friday. He said he would miss the view of the bay.

"I cannot do anything but hurry and save what I can save," Bello said.

"My property is not for sale," said Jackline Fraga, another condo owner. "I never put my property on the market, I came to this apartment in my wedding dress with my husband, I made my children in this unit, and I want to come and retire here."

Franah Marino described the building as prime property in South Florida.

"There is so much pain, anguish and attachment," Marino explained. "It's just heart-wrenching because if they can take that, they can take anything."

The building first told residents they had to leave as early as March of this year. They received the following notice:

"As you know, the building is in need of significant deferred maintenance which precedes TRD Biscayne LLC's completed acquisition of the property in December 2022… About 184 Units at the property have been successfully vacated with the exception of six remaining units… remaining as unlawful inhabitants of the property."

Jeffery Kominsky, a real estate attorney with a specialty in condominium law, explained a fallout from Florida law. The law allows condo boards to be dissolved and buildings to be sold with just 80% approval from those with voting interest.

"Unfortunately, more and more we are seeing more termination of associations after developers want to engulf in super majority votes in acting a termination provision," Kominsky said.

Residents will need to be out by 5 p.m. Friday. 

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