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Miami Con Artist Sentenced To Five Years

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - Another round of jail sentences were handed down to a convicted conman who pleaded pled guilty to fraud and grand theft for living large at South Florida hotels and skipping out on the bills.

Jimmy Sabatino spent 10 years in federal lockup for threatening to blow up a courthouse and kill the president.

He only spent a few months as a free man, before he charged up hundreds of thousands of dollars to fancy hotels and never paid the bills.

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Playing to the cameras, Sabatino did not bat an eyelash at the media attention he received in court.  Maybe he wanted to demonstrate how good his eyes now look now.   While in custody of Miami-Dade Corrections, he convinced them and a doctor that it was medically necessary to have surgery to correct his lazy eye.  The surgery was performed on the taxpayer's dime.

But his eyes were not the focus of his sentencing hearing. This was about big hotels losing some big money to Sabatino who admitted he stayed in presidential suites with an entourage, drinking champagne, and then skipped out on the bill.

The judge ordered Sabatino to pay $600-thousand in restitution to the hotels and sentenced him to five years in state lockup with one year credit for time served.

Sabatino is currently on federal probation for the threats and on probation in Broward County for bilking Nextel out of millions of dollars in Super Bowl tickets. It is yet to be seen how much time he will face for those probation violations.


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