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City Of Miami Commissioners Pass Measure To Punish Those Not Wearing Masks

MIAMI (CBSMiami) - City of Miami commissioners passed a measure Thursday that would punish those who violate the city-wide mask mandate.

The first offense would result in a warning. The second offense in a $50 fine and the third would assess the violator $150.

After that, fines would go up to $500.

Ultimately, a repeat offender could face a misdemeanor citation with a promise to appear in court.

The measure now goes to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez for final approval.

Mayor Francis Suarez said recently, "We have seen a recent uptick in cases particularly among young people aged 18 to 35 and we are also seeing an increase in hospitalizations, though we are not yet seeing an increase in the need for ICU beds and ventilators in deaths. That has a tendency to trail behind the increase in new cases. So that is yet to be determined, it could yet go up significantly over the next couple of weeks," he said.

The city did list the following exceptions to the order:

  • A child under two years of age
  • An individual who is engaged in outdoor work or exercising with appropriate social distancing in place
  • An individual who has one or more medical conditions or disabilities that prevent wearing a Facial Covering
  • An individual who is obtaining a service involving the nose or face for which temporary removal of the Facial Covering is necessary to perform the service
  • An individual who works in a profession where use of a Facial Covering will not be compatible with the duties of the profession
  • An individual who is eating or drinking
  • An individual who is hearing-impaired or an individual who is communicating with an individual who is hearing-impaired
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