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Miami Beach Community Comes Together To Remember Dustin Wakefield, The 21-Year-Old Father Murdered On Ocean Drive

MIAMI CBSMiami) – Tears and praise Tuesday night for the young father who gave his life to save his baby boy on Ocean Drive.

"We've had a lot of casualties of crime in our neighborhood and we're a community that's not only grieving for Dustin's family but we're grieving for our community," said Irene Bigger, who organized a vigil for Dustin Wakefield.

Wakefield, a 21-year-old tourist from Colorado, was shot dead a week ago by a crazed gunman who admitted to the killing while high on psychedelic mushrooms.

His death is leaving even those with the utmost faith concerned about what they're seeing these days.

The ever present and ever more emerging power of evil in our time," said Father Tim Carr of All Souls Episcopal Church.

Just feet from the vigil, almost in the exact same spot where Dustin so suddenly and senselessly lost his life, a young boy was playing. It's an eerie reminder that Dustin saved his own 1-year-old son, who was reportedly the initial target of the shooter.

"This didn't need to happen at all. It was a completely preventable tragedy and, unfortunately, I live very nearby and feel like this happens all the time," said Miami Beach resident Lila Chertman.

Miami Beach residents are calling for change, insisting Wakefield's death shouldn't be in vain.

"The environment needs changing," said Bigger. "It's not just a policing issue, it's the environment."

And a call to keep the faith even when it's hard to see why.

"Don't give up on God," said Father Carr. "God is part of all of us in our spirit, in doing good for others, being able to be recoalesced as community."

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