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Miami Beach Pride kicks off with ceremonial raising of flag

Miami Beach Pride kicks off with ceremonial raising of flag
Miami Beach Pride kicks off with ceremonial raising of flag 02:04

MIAMI - Community leaders kicked off the first event for Miami Beach Pride Friday. 

Miami Beach Pride is a multi-day celebration of arts and culture including a 2-day festival and parade.

The City of Miami Beach held a ceremonial raising of the Pride flag outside of City Hall Friday along with a plaque unveiling in Pride Park to mark the beginning of the celebration.

The Progress Pride flag flies year-round alongside the American flag outside Miami Beach City Hall.

So, this ceremonial flag raising was part of Miami Beach Pride. A celebration that brings members of the LGBTQ-plus community and supporters together to celebrate the spirit and culture of the community in Miami Beach.

One attendee CBS News Miami spoke with, shared why this celebration is so special.

"Today means resilience, today means fighting. Today means being heard. Today is a day where it's not a somber event, it's a jubilee event celebrating those that choose to fight with us both in the community," said Camille Lewis.

CBS News Miami asked attendees their perspective on House Bill 1011, and how it would restrict which flags can be flown over government buildings, including the Pride Flag.

"Restricting the flag from being flown over government buildings will only hurt the community because those flags bring visibility. It lets young people know that they are welcome, that they are accepted and that everything is going to be okay for them. I know seeing the LGBTQ flag when I was young always let me know I was in a safe area," said Morgan Mayfeire.

As part of Friday's event, community leaders also unveiled a plaque in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance.

It honors the memory of those murdered because of prejudice against the transgender community.

People we spoke with told us they hope this event and the others planned during Miami Beach Pride provide new insight and create a dialogue.

"Transgender Day of Visibility means that we get seen by the world. And that they will hopefully google, and get information as to who we really are and what we really stand for. I want people to understand that we have been her since the beginning of time that there really aren't only two genders. Gender is a spectrum. That we are as natural to nature as we are to humanity and we're not going away."

Miami Beach Pride runs from April 1 to 16. 

For a list of additional events, click here. 

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